Under Reported takes you beyond the headlines, focusing on the individual and personal narratives making up today’s news cycle. Through in-depth interviews, and audio storytelling Under Reported connects with those on the front lines of change in America. We take you further; into the stories mainstream media ignores.


Created By Kori Feener

I am a Documentarian and Journalist based in Boston, MA. In light of the political climate in 2017 I wanted to spend time going deeper into stories that barely break the news cycle, and bring to light stories completely ignored by the mainstream.  In 2013 I released my award-winning feature documentary Hard Way Home, an intimate story where I chronicled my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. I have gone on to make more short form content for AJ Plus, Boston Institute for Non-Profit Journalism and work as a Cinematographer and Editor for other fellow Documentarians. I revel in nature whenever I can, enjoy trying to keep up with my overly energetic dog and live in one of those 150 square foot tiny houses. You can find me on Instagram and Twitter. Get in touch with me.